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Welcome to my website. I've been in this field for over 12 years selecting the most popular quality products.
Keeping the merchandise affordable, shipping fast, and having easy to reach personalized customer service are what I specialize in. When you shop at my website you're supporting a small business.

Enjoy checking out the collections I've put together and if you need assistance I'm here to make your shopping experience as easy as possible.



Shaindel provides a unique shopping experience that brings me back time and time again. She guides me through the maze of choices and makes sock shopping painless. Her merchandise is high quality, and her delivery is fast. Five stars!

Kayla, NY

I highly recommend HosieryAndSockOutlet. I live out of town and need lots of stockings.  I remember to make my order a day after I need it, but nevertheless it shows up in no time.

Shoshana, FL

I absolutely love the convenience! Such fast turnaround. I put in the order and usually within the day my order is delivered!

Shani, NY

Shaindel has the best customer service I've ever had with any Hoisery Store. I place an order in 2 minutes and get it so quickly!

Hadassah G., NJ

We are thrilled with the customer service! Shaindel always has patience to help us get what is right for our family. The quality and prices are great 👍 as well!

Shevy F., NY

I love shopping on for the stock and the incredible customer service. They always have all the brands I’m looking for and are happy to ship it to me out of town and FAST! 

Abby G., MD