Our Story


This business started about 15 years ago.  Shaindel needed to get heavy duty support hosiery for herself and it was so expensive.  She had the idea that if she could get it wholesale it could save her a lot of money.  From her first piece of support hosiery that she bought for herself the business started.  She began to sell support hosiery from a variety of distributors.  She sold only these products for a couple of years and still sells them (though not on the website).

She actually never wanted to sell regular hosiery, she thought she would have to invest thousands of dollars into the inventory to have enough selection to keep her customers happy.  Support hosiery can cost around $100 per piece whereas regular tights are on average less than $10, she thought she would never be able to net enough money selling regular hosiery to make it worthwhile.  Her husband encouraged her to sell regular hosiery, he said all women and girls need it as opposed to reaching only a small percentage of the population that needed support hosiery.  She decided to give it a try.

She recalls asking her friends if they wanted to participate in her first tights order.  She ordered one box of inventory from Trimfit.  She still remember receiving the box, opening it up, and being excited about it.  From that one box she started to build up her inventory one box at a time until she had a full selection of products for her customers.  

After being only a locally based business she opened this website and it's been up ever since.  The local customers still call, text, WhatsApp, or email her their orders. 

She dabbled in social media for a short while.  Everyone she consulted with told her this was what she needed to do in this day and age to build her business.  She never felt comfortable with delving into social media.  At first she stopped checking her Instagram account, then she stopped posting on WhatsApp Status.  Leaving Instragram was an easy decision.  Discontinuing posting on WhatsApp Status was a hard choice because she enjoyed it as a creative outlet and she was easily able to reach out to her customers and she received positive feedback from her customers.  Her WhatsApp Status base had been growing nicely.  But she knew deep down that this wasn't the right place for her to invest her time and efforts. She's very happy that she stopped using social media and Baruch Hashem the business is still growing.

She's learned a lot through the years she's been in this field.  She's able to give over what she's gained to the customers to help them make educated decisions regarding which products best suit them.  She's looking forward to the website expanding the collections available and always improving the website to make it as user friendly as possible.

Shaindel has recently moved into the position of Manager of Customer Service.  For all inquiries and correspondence you can reach her at 845-445-8213 by text or WhatsApp or leave a voice message.