Below you will find my shipping policies listed.  I know what it's like to be a customer and I appreciate when websites clearly state their policies. I'm laying out my policies as transparently as possible for you.

Spend $65 on products and qualify for free standard shipping within the continental United States.  Spend less than $65 on products and pay $6.99 within the continental United States for standard shipping, see below regarding local delivery exceptions.  Small orders that pay $6.99 will be sent by USPS in whatever way is most economical.  An order is considered small if it weighs less than 16 ounces.  Usually orders under 16 ounces will be sent by USPS First Class Mail.  I'd guess 16 ounces is about 3 or 4 pieces of tights depending upon the product.  Orders under $65 can be guaranteed to ship by expediated shipping if the customer pays $8.50 instead of $6.99 then the order will ship by USPS Priority Mail or UPS.  Most orders over $65 that paid the $6.99 for standard shipping will ship by USPS Priority Mail or UPS since they're over 16 ounces though.  I reserve the right to ship any order that qualifies for standard shipping by a faster method if that is more practical for a variety of reasons.  So it is possible you will get your order faster than expected sometimes.  

If you live in the following NY Villages you will qualify for free local delivery at checkout if you spend at least $30 on products: Spring Valley, Monsey, Airmont, New Square, Pearl River, Wesley Hills, Suffern, and Chestnut Ridge. If you spend less than $30 on products and live in the Villages listed here then delivery will be $5.50.  Or you can specify Free Pick Up and I will prepare the order for you to pick it up.
As of right now the website isn't set up to automatically process international orders.  However, I'm looking into the possibility of changing this.  If you want an order shipped out of America please send me an email/text/ or WhatsApp to find out how much it would cost and how to have this done manually.  



Provided the product is in stock the order generally ships out the same day (if it's ordered before 10am and it's not during peak season) or the next day after the order is place.  As stated above, orders that qualify for free standard shipping or orders under $65 sent by standard shipping will be sent by the cheapest method or whichever makes the most sense.  The cheapest method is usually USPS either First Class or Parcel Post.   Orders under $65 can be expedited by selecting to have the order expedited and paying $8.50, then they will be guaranteed to ship by USPS Priority Mail or UPS.  However, I do not ship orders out on a day that is predicted to then arrive on Saturday by Priority Mail or UPS.  For example, an order going far away might take 3 days to arrive so if I would have sent it on Wednesday I would push it off to Thursday so it doesn't arrive on Saturday.  Another example is if I'm shipping an order on Friday and it's predicted to arrive on Saturday then I'll push it off to ship on Monday (many orders do take one day including Lakewood, Brooklyn, etc...).  If you're not sure when you're order will ship you're welcome to text me at 845-445-8213 and I'll let you know my best guess of when it will ship.  Generally orders shipped by USPS Priority Mail or UPS will take about 3 days to arrive in Florida and 3 to 5 days for the West Coast.  Orders going to NYC and NJ generally take 1 day to arrive if they're being shipped by USPS Priority Mail or UPS.  Orders  under $65 that aren't expedited could take between 3 to 7 days to arrive, obviously on the shorter end of that time frame for locations closer to NY state.  I ship non-expedited orders Monday through Friday and since there isn't a real definite date of arrival I don't push orders off that have a small chance of arriving on Saturday.  It's very important to realize that the day an order is shipped doesn't count as the first day of the count for how many days an order takes to arrive.  So if an order ships on Monday and it's supposed to take 2 days to arrive, that means Tuesday is the first day and Wednesday is the 2nd day (the days it's predicted to arrive).  You should allow a couple days buffer for when orders are going to arrive because mail systems aren't perfect and delays do happen from time to time.  I do not take responsibility for UPS and USPS delays.

Even though a product shows up on the website as in stock sometimes it could be out of stock and I need to order more of it, it's hard to keep up with exact totals of inventory.  Generally, products that I won't be able to reorder quickly will have exact number of the product I have in stock and will show up as out of stock if you order more than I have in stock.   If it turns out the product is out of stock and needs to be ordered it could take up to a week to ship out. If you are in a rush for your order it might be a good idea to text 845-445-8213 to double check that the items you want are in stock or e-mail  

Lost or Stolen Packages is not responsible for lost or stolen packages.  If you have a lost or stolen package you will need to file a claim with the organization that shipped it, either USPS or UPS.