Zubii Daisy Texture Anklet in Nude
Zubii Daisy Texture Anklet in White
Zubii Texture Anklet in Ivory

Zubii Daisy Texture Anklet, Model 795

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This Zubii Daisy Texture Anklet is a very classy and refined style.  These can be paired with the Zubii Daisy Texture Knee sock model 794 also found on this website.  I think the nude color looks lighter than the photo.  These are made out of the material modal which is a natural fiber.  They won't shrink as much as a cotton sock and they're softer than cotton.

Shoe Size Sock Size
19-21 Size 0
22-24  Size 2
25-27  Size 4
28-30  Size 6
31-33  Size 8
34-36  Size 10
37-39  Size 12