Keter T-Shirt Tzitzis
Keter T-Shirt Tzitzis

Keter T-Shirt Tzitzis

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Keter T-Shirt Tzitzis are for boys.  These have a round neck and one hole where the tzitzis string goes through the fabric.  These beged (undershirt) is made from 100% cotton and is soft just like an undershirt.  These seem to run small.

I'm giving a little unasked for advice, check all tzitzis to be sure there's no defect in the knots.  I was surprised to find some of my son's that weren't kosher (I'm not referring to this exact product).  I'm not saying these are defective, just pointing out it's important to check this type of product.

I'll have more of whatever is out of stock probably about 2/10/23.