What do these black tights have in common?

Memoi Microfiber TightsWhat do Melas and Memoi have in common?  They're both the top selling black tights that I carry on HosieryAndSockOutlet.com  Let's get down to the facts about them, what's the real differences and similarities so you can pick the right one for you.

Melas  AT-636 is a 60 denier microfiber tights with control top.  As far as denier go, these 60 denier tights aren't as thick as some others that are called 60 denier.  In case you didn't know, most women that wear black in the winter wear 60 denier.  These tights come up pretty high on the waist for those that like that type of fit.  Regarding cost, these are pretty economical.

Memoi MO-646 is a 60 denier 2 pack of microfiber tights.  These are a thicker 60 denier than the Melas. They have decent control top.  They come up to a pretty average height on the waist.  These Memoi tights are quite economical.  If a customer wants a thicker style of microfiber tights and even more control top (a shaper top) then the Memoi MO-892 would be a better option but they're significantly more expensive.

I hope this was helpful and that you'll have an easier time choosing which black tights to purchase now.

Melas Microfiber Tights

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