Understanding Sock Styles

Understanding Sock Length
Have you ever been confused about what length sock to order?  It can be a bit overwhelming.  A greater variety of sock types have been recently added to the website.  Let's review some different styles:
1.  Knee Socks- these are socks that come up to just below the knee.  Typically worn by girls either for school, camp, casually, or for fancy occasions.  
2.  Mid-Calf- these socks are typically worn by boys or men, they cup up to mid-calf on the lower leg.  A lot of them come in 3 packs.  Mid-calf is usually worn by boys that are at least in a size 6-7 sock size.
3.  Rollover Anklets- this style is a sock that comes straight and then is rolled over either once or twice depending upon the brand.  This is usually worn by babies or young children.  Both boys and girls wear this style.
4.  Mid-Cut/Crew- it seems like this style means different things for different brands.  Memoi makes a mid-cut sock that comes up about 3/4 inch above the ankle and doesn't rollover.  JRP makes a crew sock that comes up about the same.  Zubii makes a sock called crew that comes up a couple inches above the ankle.  Mid-Cut/Crew seams to be a little more stylish than the typical rollover anklet and can be worn by boys or girls, generally by babies or young kids.  Some women also like to wear crew socks which seam to be more like a mid-calf sock.
5.  Over the Knee- this style goes over the knee by a few inches, it's not a thigh high.  Great for giving a girl extra coverage so the top of her socks don't show with her skirt.

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