How to take care of your tights and hosiery to make them last longer?

Everyone wants to know how to take care of their tights and hosiery so that they will last longer.  There's no magic secret, and hosiery is not made to last long term but I do have some suggestions from my customers and from my many years in this field to offer you.


1. Handwash the products, not practical but probably works.  I know this is time consuming but it does enable the products to have the gentle care they need.

2.  A customer told me microfiber tights pill less if washed inside out.  It sort of makes sense that if the tights don't rub against things in the washing machine they will pill less. I haven't personally tried this, if you do let me know how it goes.

3.  Buy the right size product and when in doubt go up not down in size.  Your tights will last longer then.

4.  Wash your tights in a mesh laundry bag. This will prevent them from getting snags caused by rubbing against articles of clothing.

5. If you have dry & rough hands you might make holes or runs in your tights when handling them, so try to be careful.

6. A customer told me she was told by her seminary teacher to wash pantyhose with dark colored laundry to prevent them from fading.


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  • Sarafina

    A tip I might add is that if you do wash them in a machine, make sure to air dry them. The only reason I tend to thrown my pantyhose away these days is 1. they get a hole from the zipper on my ankle boots 2. very rarely do the 40 denier run, but it occasionally happens 3. the main culprit is that my skin tone panty hose get stained by my feet, not sure if it’s a shoes issue or a sweaty feet issue haha.
    But they tend to last several months as long as I’m air drying them. And I wash them on a delicate cycle cold water. Another tip for washing is that most laundry detergent with say in teeny tiny letters “HE” which indicated that the detergent is super concentrated. Most women tend to use much more soap then needed. (When someone uses too much of the detergent, it degrades the fabric much more quickly what I understand).
    I tend to use a bit less than what they recommend on the cup guides and my laundry still comes out just fine.

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