How to pick girl's knee socks?

People ask me all the time how to pick a good knee sock for their daughter.  Not too short, not too long, that won't stick out of the back of the shoe, won't pill, won't fade, won't fall down, won't get holes in them fast, and of course isn't too expensive. There's a lot of criteria for getting the right knee sock.  That's why I'm here to help them.  By the way, there's no miracle sock out there.  I have found that the Condor knee socks are the very best and can meet a lot of peoples' criteria but they're at least double the price so that eliminates them from most customers' wish lists.

Before I can help a customer, the customer needs to know what size shoe their daughter wears so I can figure out the sock size.  This can get a bit confusing because there's European and America shoe sizes that need to be matched up to sock sizes.  Some brands have socks in sizes like 6-7 and others in sizes like 6 and 8.  Also important is for the customer to know if they like socks to fit more snug or more loose.  Additionally, will the girl be wearing the knee socks with a long skirt or a short outfit?  How important is it for the socks to come up to just below the knee?

A customer also needs to know what material they want the sock to be made of and if they want solid color or a pattern.  The most common is black knee socks.  Dark gray is also very popular.  Light gray is somewhat popular in the summer.  Denim is also interesting in the summer.  Navy is nice to match with navy school uniforms.  The majority of my customers wear plain knee socks.  Most customers want a sock made from at least 75% cotton.  Some opt for modal, another natural fiber known for breathing well and for not fading or pilling.  

Stay tuned for the next section of this blog with specific details about which socks match which criteria...

Memoi Girls Modal Knee SockJRP Girls Knee Sock



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