How to pick a Chenille Snood


Many years ago I had invested in chenille snoods and it had been dud product, I ended up giving them back to the distributor.  Recently I decided to give it a try again with the Revaz brand.  I had been told that they fit pretty standard so once a customer knows what size is needed the customer can just keep ordering the same size easily without a lot of risk.  So I stocked up on some basic colors and a few other ones and I was surprised that they actually sold quite nicely and I had just about no returns (returns aren't fun for the customer and also not for me).  The Revaz snoods come in two different sizes and have a pretty full body to them, meaning there's a nice amount of fabric.  These have an adjuster piece inside them.  You might notice in some of the product titles the word Lurex is used.  Lurex is the shimmery thread that you can see running through the weave of the snood, it gives it a bit of a sparkle and a more interesting appearance.  Revaz is a popular brand sold in a lot of stores.

I always thought I could never wear a chenille snood because they were so uncomfortable.  I like to keep my ears fully covered and the snood would dig in and almost right away give me a headache and also be itchy.  I guess I'm what you call "sensory" when it comes to snoods.  Some of my customers suggested I carry Lucy and Olivia chenille snoods. I was hesitant to carry another brand when I was already doing pretty nicely with the Revaz.  But my customers were persuasive and I decided to give it a try.  As soon as I put the Lucy and Olivia on my head I knew this was a really different product.  I could actually wear it all day and be comfortable, it was really nice.  My teenage daughter was happy with my head covering choice finally (no more knot at the top old style snoods that made me look like I was living in the '80's).  These snoods come in two different sizes.  I like things loose and wear a size medium sheitel so I went with the large size which is definitely roomy enough.  These do have a smaller body than the Revaz, meaning they're a smaller look and don't hang down as much.  They have an adjuster piece.  

Both Revaz and Lucy and Olivia are good snoods just they have different qualities.  If you want something that hangs down more in the back then go with the Revaz. If the most important feature is comfort then go with Lucy and Olivia.  If you have a small head get the smaller size and if you want more space go with the bigger size.  All of the snoods I get are lined.  I'm really happy that I've had virtually no returns on the snoods but in case anyone's concerned about investing in a snood and getting stuck with it though it doesn't fit or doesn't look good, you can try it on and return it for store credit.  

If you have any questions about these products you can contact me by text or WhatsApp at 845-445-8213.


  • Shaindel

    Malka, that’s a good question. I had polled my customers awhile ago that receive my WhatsApp Status messages. Seems like just about everyone washes them in a gentle cycle and line dries them. Hope that’s helpful.

  • Malka

    I didn’t even know that snoods came in different sizes! Do you have any tips for washing snoods?

  • Tehila Miller

    Very informative and helpful! Thank you!

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