How do I know if I should select honey or nude for my color of pantyhose?

Sughero Pantyhose

I've been asked many times which color is best for my customer, if honey or nude is the right choice.  Here's what I advise.  First let's go over some names of colors.  In general companies use different names for very similar colors.  The colors named sughero and natural tan are basically the same thing as honey.  These all have an orange tone to them.  I've heard some people refer to it as a sweet potato look.  This color is very popular, especially in certain brands and specific products.  I've found that in the thinner products customers take honey or nude almost the same amount though (Melas, Mod & Tone, Esatto).  The color called mielle is a light color with a sort of washed out look.  Nude is like honey but less orange so it look a bit lighter.  I advise people with lighter skin to wear nude and with average to darker skin to wear honey.  Once in awhile (meaning a couple times per year at the most) customers ask me for something lighter than nude, for example bone.  I don't stock that color because it's not popular.  Or once in awhile someone wants a darker skin color which I also don't stock.  Natural is not orange like honey.  I sell natural in Melas 60 denier microfiber or Elledue Support 60, especially in out of town communities.  So basically, everyone needs to know what works best for their own body tone and if they like an orange tone or not.   I hope this was helpful.

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  • Rena

    very helpfull. thanks so much

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