Help! What should I get for seminary?


I have a lot of girls and Mothers of girls going of to seminary ask me how much of each item they should buy for seminary.  A lot of this depends upon how often you'll be doing laundry.  There's three basic items most girls need: microfiber black tights, skin color pantyhose, and cotton knee socks. 

How Much of Each Product Should I Get?

I polled some customers and the response I got was to buy the following quantities of products for seminary:


Products Quantity
Black Tights 10-12 pieces
Skin Color Pantyhose 18-24 pieces
Knee Socks 12-24 pairs (there's a big range regarding how many of these to buy)



By the way, this doesn't mean all pieces of socks and tights need to be new.  A girl going to seminary can obviously bring her used socks and tights too, so that needs to be taken into consideration when factoring how many new ones to buy.

What Specific Products Should I Buy?

Figuring out what specific products to buy shouldn't be too hard if the girl going to seminary already knows what she wears.  She then just needs to restock her current products.  However I'll just provide some general information about the most popular seminary products.

The most popular black tights girls buy are the Memoi 2 pack and the Melas black tights that come individually.  These are both pretty affordable and fairly durable.

Here's a link to both of them:

Regarding skin color pantyhose it really depends which school the girl goes to.  Also, the thinner the product generally the faster it will rip.  So that means girls should get more pieces of thinner products than thicker products. 

Knee socks come in a variety of brands, materials, and prices.  A girl going to seminary needs to know which factor is most important.  If a girl wants a basic good knee sock the JRP ones are really fine.  If having a soft material that also doesn't fade or pill is important then the Memoi Modal knee socks are great.  Keep in mind though that sometimes modal material can thin out faster than cotton.  If price is the most important factor then the Memoi Camp 3 pack is a nice option or the Memoi Spot on knee sock is a little thicker and comes individually but is still economical. The Memoi Camp 3 pack has a white rectangle on the bottom to write the girl's name on it.  This is very practical so her laundry doesn't get confused with her roommate's belongings.

Below are links to these products:

Some other products girls might want are skirt slips and briefs. These are both available on the website.  

I always recommend ordering early.  If a girl going off to seminary is trying out a new product, it might make sense to first place a small order to test out the product before placing a large seminary order.  It would be very disappointing to find out when she's already in Eretz Yisrael that she's stuck with something she doesn't like.  

There's also a helpful website you might want to check out called  The girl who made this website went to seminary and created a handbook to guide others through the process.

For any further advice, you can contact me by text or WhatsApp at 845-445-8213.


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