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Soft N'Snuggly Onesies/Bodysuits

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Soft N'Snuggly Onesies come in a 3 pack and are made of top quality soft cotton.   These onesies have snaps on the bottom.  The ones I sell don't have a tag at the neck, this company makes a similar product with the tag at the neck that I don't carry but could special order.  Those are more expensive than these.  The size 24-36 measures about 18 1/2 inches if you measure from the middle of the back of the neck to the bottom of the garment, but keep in mind it will shrink some.


0-3 Months 10 lbs. 19-22 in.
3-6 Months 14 lbs. 22-25 in.
6-12 months 18 lbs. 25-28 in.
12-18 months 23 lbs. 28-31 in.
18-24 months 27 lbs. 31-34 in.
24-36 months 31 lbs. 34-36 in.


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