JRP Polka Dot Anklet
JRP Polka Dot Lace Anklet

JRP Polka Dot Lace Anklet

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This JRP Polka Dot Lace Anklet has small polka dots around the edge of the sock.  The material the dots are on is I think taffeta.  I also have a very similar  sock called the JRP Dot Anklet which has bigger dots and the taffeta/gauzelike material is a bit thicker.  These socks are almost identical.  The socks in the photo are of the Polka Dot Lace Anklet.  Unless you specify which you want, I'll send whichever is available.  Please note that JRP run a bit big so you might want to size down a little.


 Sock Size Shoe Size
4-5 19-22
5-6 23-24
6-7 25-27
7-8 28-31
8-9 32-35
9-11 36-39